About Top of the Wazza

The very Australian phrase, originally "Top of the Wazir," was coined by Australian soldiers in Cairo, Egypt during The Great War (WW1). It originally meant "top of the town" ... although the "Wazir" was a red-light district! It has since been socialised in Australia to mean the top of the range; best in class.

Accordingly, "Top of the Wazza" Photography and Cinematography is owned & operated by Warwick "Wazza" Peatling. He lives in Perth, Western Australia, and aspires to capture best-in-class images.

During his time playing club cricket in Perth, "Wazza" discovered a love of photography and cinematography after taking his camera to a cricket game as a supporter one weekend ... the rest is history.

"Wazza" is available to capture the moment for you by appointment, in advance. Please hit "Contact Wazza" below to get in touch ...

Photo credit: Superb Images


Do you shoot part of a match/day?

Yes. If you only want to capture your team's batting innings, opening bowlers, or a morning/afternoon out & about on the green or in the surf, just give me the location and approximate time and I'll do the rest.

Will there be any further fees?

Sometimes I employ assistants or sub-contract my work, but my topline quote is the only investment you'll see. Occasionally, some of my fellow Photographers tag along too!

Can I shorten the session on the day?

Of course; there's always wiggle room ... e.g. if an innings finishes quicker due to a batting collapse, or the wind stops blowing for Kitesurfers!

What kind of gear do you use?

Mostly Nikon DSLR and F-type lenses; which I really enjoy using. I also have some cinematography equipment (e.g. iPhone 15 Pro Max & DJI-OM5 Gimbal).

Can I just order a couple of prints through you?

Yes. If you haven't negotiated one of the packages above, you can simply design & ship a special image from a shoot I've conducted via my online store; just hit the "Client Galleries" link.