Investment Options

Pricing & Packages

Prices start from as low as $5 for a small print, $250 to cover a T20 match, or from $70 per hour for a special/bespoke arrangement.

Client Gallery Purchases

See a photo you like? Get it printed & framed via my client gallery & online store. There's a multitude of options!

Starting from $5

Match Coverage

A shoot of your team's fixture, including a team portrait and presentations.

Starting at $250 per match

Family Photography

A family shoot at the beach, a park or otherwise capturing something special or memorable to you e.g. a birthday party, or milestone.

$450 per album

Events and Social Photography

Let me cover your special occasion, awards night or presentation evening


Bespoke Arrangements

Get in touch with Wazza to talk about a special agreement. For example, you could give me a brief to create content for your website or social media channel, or help a sponsor develop their website with some content.

Negotiable, One-Off


Do you shoot part of a match/day?

Absolutely! If you only want to capture your team's batting innings, opening bowlers, or you think the second half of a rugby match will get interesting ... give me a call.

Will there be any further fees?

Sometimes I employ assistants or sub-contract my work, but my topline quote is the only investment you'll see. Sometimes my fellow Photographers tag along though.

Can I shorten the session on the day?

Of course; there's always wiggle room ... e.g. if an innings finishes quicker due to a batting collapse, or the wind stops blowing for Kitesurfers!

What kind of gear do you use?

Mostly Nikon DSLR and high end prime/zoom "f-type" lenses; which I really enjoy using. I also have some cinematography equipment (e.g. iPhone 14 Pro & DJI-OM5 Gimbal).

Can I just order a couple of prints through you?

Yes. If you haven't negotiated one of the packages above, you can simply design, order and ship a special image from a shoot I've conducted via my online store; just hit the "Client Galleries" link.